Abductee by Ray Ogar

>>> COPYRIGHT 1995

are you here? if so, interesting—now i can tell you. it’s true. we’ve been here for nearly 50 years. it all began after your war, the heat from your bombs are what brought us here a second time. a little obvious. your television and your satellites, we have more information on you that you thought possible. all your weaknesses are revealed through the talk shows the news programs. there are those of you who always believed we were here, they are silenced easily, the men in black are only shadows, the government doesn’t exist and neither do you. we are 0d6 and
there have been things written in
very overt ways
that no one wishes to
the gulf war and the syndrome
propaganda, that was what the government tried to inject
television is your downfall and the sap of
a nation of victims
this has been too simple, only the
ugly children have been difficult to harvest
only the proper signals can be sent.
they will turn
genetic emotions will be erased
intelligence is false and
communication does not exist.
the greys.
0d6, a synonym we never expected, but we posses all of them in every shade.
it has been easier to invade by an image, keep you preoccupied.
we’re already inside, the itching and the hallucinations
the color green is an agent, how we’ve bred the fall of your will into its wavelength
taken from your females
and how each year the genetic code of your dna is slowly tainted, it is not mutations you possess but the offspring of our tomorrow and all of this condensed into less than a turn of your century
the coincidence of twins is a mistake of ours, you never caught on, a splitting of the qualities and traits, many of them were our first attempts to understand your kind, take one leave another, it is a characteristic that has remained with your planetary species for too long
the filth you breed is unnecessary
and the sounds you utter corrupt the banality of every frequency, why? why even go on?
that is no matter, your own madness will resolve the problem and a portion of the plague has erupted early. population and death are only mates, as your philosophers say.
believing you have will power is of no matter.
merely give in.
it’s to be expected.