Boom Tomorrow by Ray Ogar

>>> COPYRIGHT 2004

at some point after midnight's recession
when the dark is less
than the blacker cottons you buy at walmart
thicker droogs heat their minds with light candy
in their corporate backwater office
as you walk down a thinner alley
women just might taunt you with their stickier bits
>> you sigh, then text message a fiend (not friend)
a few of you will meet up at some old school rave
where a smaller child,
diamonds embedded in his teeth
will pass around different chalks for you to draw with
(you can sniff them as well)
>> finally you are thrown in the mix and
you realize, everyone wears clothing made from speakers
we wear the bass of the music spun by the dj
and occasionally you dance,
or sometimes hang out with your sound gang
of course each of you affect an aural pose
tithher, trebbllle, sp-aaz, ges-tture and of course bo0M
>>>>> 8am rolls forward
you are running faster than jackrabbit drones from the blue and black
they do catch up and rearrange you with bruises
and of course when you wake
you have to play the game of putting
> the puzzle of your damaged skin back together