Crash Admin by Ray Ogar

>>> COPYRIGHT 2000

demo sits on a square of grass.
yes the sun is shining.
the humidity is rather raw.
and there is actually a ditch or stream near by.
most likely a stream though.
one in which the concrete has been stripped away like a
french lacy chocolate in a dry heat.
demo looks to the grass,
it does extend,
seemingly into infinity.
but, there might be hope.
he picks and plays with a few square inches of
a small recess in the ground forms and underneath,
no, not under but coming up, is a small
of concrete.
it is slowly returning.
geologic time notions take a hold and
the patch is surfacing.
before he sat in some perfect, auto realized supposed replication
of a shared reality,
now it is all erased and folded and degenerated into lush greenness.
demo saw the pixels erode.
he saw the protons and electrons stripped from their
light bouncy paths.
he realizes he has to start from the ground up.
all over.
maybe he can build this entire city again.
he'll start with the chatsubo anyway and
let the others and the other newly spawned ai's create the rest.
it's hard developing a universe and a system of rules and
laws for nature after doing it just 10 years ago.
hopefully this time around he'll backup his reality a little
better so it won't be so self sufficient,
maybe it will rely more on the possibility that others exist,
maybe that is,
maybe others do.
at least he has this small patch of concrete he can garden and
a few of the right enzymes,
maybe a batch of ferophilic bacteria and a new foundation can be
engineered from the raw earth around him.
he brushes the dirt off the small concrete patch.
it's actually a gray stoney box.
something left from the corps?
a gift from some post apocalyptic past?
demo breaks the seal and opens the ark.
inside are several silvery packages,
somewhat reminding him of those static guard
bags computer components come in.
he opens one.
a few vials.
the first one has an inscription in biohazard red.
--we manufacture those you know.
--you'll have to choose a texture though.
he opens another bag
--we also manufacture that, but unfortunately it can only be bread once,
--and grown in small plots of 10ft by 10 ft,
--then you have to buy it again because of the gene licensing.
then another one is opened.
--we can grow that now.
--that's what hello kitty communism is all about.
--we give you happiness in a box, proton, electron, and neutron
--and 57 other varieties of sub atomic speci that you
--can assemble on your own, at your leisure.
--get started today!
demo digs through the box some more and removes a smaller,
enshelled package.
the top slides away revealing a lotus node with spindly
corpuscles resonating warmly within.
and oxygen specifically.
then a few hundred feet of webby bacterial spray explodes out of
the container like funny party goo,
the mini munchers start to glisten over the grass-scape.
sprouts in lush corners and specific cavities.
let the paving begin anew.