Isometric Transpatriots from the Nooplegic Recess (captions) by Ray Ogar


Printed here are the complete titles for works from my recent mixed-media series "Isometric Transpatriots". As the works have traveled and been exhibited, viewers expressed interest in the titles as separate micro-fictions in themselves. They read as headlines from some near-singularity event.

Sustainable Darkness, Health Reformed Zombie Hybrids For The Encroaching American Heat Death

Redacted Creep, Limb Resuscitation From The Cryptozoological Homeland Security Of The Dorian Gray Congress

Flowchart Activist, Fox Hyperpatriots Use Closed-loop Blogging And Patterned Verbal Outbursts As A Weapon Of Mass Distraction Against Putative Socialism

Organ Filch Simulacrum, Packet Switched Telepresent Limbs Frankensteined From Post-sexual Mammals

H1n1 Projection, As Lie The Fog Masks Of NSA Digital Sprays And Enhanced Semantic Interrogations

Cetacean Bifurcant, A Law Diagrammed In Regards To The Agonistic Response To Mythic Death Panel Groupthink

Jekyll/Hyde Upgrade, An Accelerated Mass Organism From The Email Networks Of The Faith Wasteland

Copywronged Hominid, Mind Wandering Accelerated Mass Hysteric Redacted From The Corporeal Expanse

Isometric Transpatriot, Where Mammal Cloned Mindshare, Spam-mist And Gray Energy Vie For The Twilight Of A Bureaucratic Cloud Computer

Weapons Economy Dark Matter Copy/ies, Or How Actuality, Web And Surreal Lore Conflate In The Current Evangel-local Branded Continuity