The Word False, Printable at Any Size by Ray Ogar

>>> COPYRIGHT 2003

fake. ouch! you hurt me. this is not a theory. you expect too much. you think it looks pretty at first but then you turn away in disgust. maybe if you took a step back. hold your arm out. arms length now. maybe further? just because it is on paper and you can hold it does not mean you should have it one foot from your face. hold the image further away. it exists in screen resolution. you know, 72-dpi. dots per inch. remember, you live in a world unfurled at 300 dpi. so things are a little froggy, you need to adjust them sometimes. imagine this image at 10 times the size it is now. you would still have to step back to see it in a way you perceive as normal. scale legibility—you are dying to read those words in some smooth manner. it is like someone stepped on your toe. bruce nauman wouldn't even dare give you a spoon. why should i? there is a 5 percent chance that you will read this in the first place and statistically there is a .1 percent chance you will even retain the information herein. you've seen this a 100 times. it is a mistake. it is fake. imagine if it were in more vibrant colors. just think how different this would be if there was no picture and just these words on the wall, 20 feet by 50 feet? do you live in a billboard?