Missing Link Found, Michael Jackson & Bill Gates, Pregnant by Ray Ogar

>>> COPYRIGHT 2004

a friend of mine says i live in a sort of mythic linguistic utopia--constantly creating constellations of new words deliberately bastardized from proper english. i have always wished to diagram these words, show their familial relations, their inbred coarseness. mark lombardi might object if he were still alive. (isbn: 0916365670, mark lombardi: global networks). of course my diagrams wouldn't be as elegant as his, but perhaps they would exist more as a tuftean exercise in restraint spawning some reverse linguistic genocide. the word pieces are public domain. i merely put them together as perhaps a late night tv talk show host sometimes points out movie stars that are separated at birth. such as a pregnancy between michael jackson and bill gates--this confabulation would surrender some wonderland freak that can hack multinationals while developing a policy on zero population growth. who would this be? jake 2.0 (wednesdays at 8PM on the UPN). i guess i have gone too far. sometimes i put these false words into the google internet search engine to see if they already exist. does someone beat me to it? am i reinventing someone else's word frankenstein? i am daedalus. all my inventions crash like movies stars fucking too close to some supernova of bruce nauman neon sculptures. raw. war. now.