Outsourcing Permutations of Anna Nicole Smith Found by Ray Ogar

>>> COPYRIGHT 2003

certain words will make you famous. even if they are rather small, you may have arranged them in some appropriate manner or a clever way that will win you the nobel prize. but like a jackass with rabbit ears you might be too stubborn to arrange or rearrange all that is already public knowledge. you could of course construct your brilliant idea strictly from words already in existence. if you are bold enough you could even use just letters. you have a large permutation set. the number of combinations you play with is (26!). this reads in math lingo as "twenty-six factorial"--this means you multiply 26 times 25 times 24 times 23 times 22 times 21 times 20 times 19 times 18 times 17 times 16 times 15 times 14 times 13 times 12 times 11 times 10 times 9 times 8 times 7 times 6 times 5 times 4 times 3 times 2 times 1. these are the combinations of letters possible with a 26 letter alphabet if no letter is ever repeated. if you are allowed multiple copies of letters the combinations are infinite. *unless of course your particular language doesn't allow certain words to exceed certain lengths. that would be ridiculous though. anna nicole smith would not approve since some of her sentences slur together as single words. just watch when her face is too close to the camera, her pores almost speak in chorus, but they aren't greek. anyway. given the english language, word evolution will occur. linguistic drift within the 20th century alone shifted connotations almost as frequently as multinational corporations misplacing and outsourcing workforces into third world countries. the word ghetto is a good example. chance happens. the linguistic medusa strikes daily, freezing words as they are written down, but these words usually thaw just as quickly when placed in the mouth of the street.