Pixelated Man Found Blowing Up Dummies by Ray Ogar

>>> COPYRIGHT 2003

as entropy acts on my brain i am losing my memory of wittgenstein and his relationship to ed ruscha. of course this is my own fictionalization of said relations. ruscha vs wittgenstein—they would actually get along if anything. both would ramble on, mumble—asking each other questions or just talking out their problems, delights and observations. asking each other questions. why did you say that? i don't know. you can't know—you can understand. understand? let me write that down. diagram it. what typeface are you using. i am scrawling it. maybe something i saw in a town i drove through at age 20. is it the name of the town? maybe. or is it a girlfriend's name? maybe!? it will remain ambiguous because i exist only to catalog my own desires and thoughts. funny, i do the same thing. except some of my writing exists at 4 feet by 7 feet. scale. like all the levels of the universe taken to exist at one size fits all. turn the knob and the volume goes up! words are louder here than there. louder! LOUDER! (emphasis added)—do you hear me?! i am an artist, i have a name and because i am famous all that comes after me of my own creation is genius, i make no mistakes, or only mistakes now. inflating myself into some clone of me.