Screen Resolution Daewoo Kicked by Powerpuff Girl by Ray Ogar

>>> COPYRIGHT 2003

because you don't have a perfect memory i must generalize for you. any detail i describe will eventually be lost unless you are a savant of some sort or your particular complex of OCD allows you to get the gist, gestalt and geweltanshaung in totality, immediately. entropy causes this loss of memory—it is slow initially. your ancestors merely spoke words (of course language had to develop first—tack on a few thousand years for that) so they spoke, probably poetically or with certain rhythms inherit in their speech. patterns existed in their talk, maybe a few ideas floated around (here i mean specifically abstract ideas, insert here maybe a picture of a powerpuff girl, bubbles) but then writing came about. marks on stone. receipts, tally for collecting taxes and power plays for politicians. perhaps as a side effect written words developed. initially they were more overt word symbols, but eventually the need to recall information, the imperfect mind, entropy at least whittled down our particular alphabet to 26 letters. combine. add on. ad on. spell. words are written, they describe. and they begin to abstract. ideas join—rejoin. bootstrapping in the mud of the mind. recursive information entanglement that is not a pipe. for hundreds of years words merely supported images (such as the statement "tiny daewoo kicked by bubbles") and as a visual/oral culture the written word was perhaps more quaint—more elite. add, stir and mix industrialization (post gutenberg printing press by a few years or more). more widespread literacy occurs and magritte would say this is still not a pipe. rather now that words and writing and text and type are more widely known and ideas exist in books where we can re(e)fer back to them (books = memory storage = crutch = you'll eventually let machines think for you anyway why waste your time reading this now). so now we can think less necessary thoughts and not always eat, fuck, shit. but "thinking" sometimes gets plugged in before the latter and former. words can contradict. now. they can play. now. they can mean the other or nothing. you may feel compelled to read them or not. today they usually just get glanced over (bubbles and the daewoo are pixelated) perhaps they are simply too obvious. don't need a word for that, just a picture. remove thinking. return to normal where you eat, hump, and shit.